Which EVGA Modular Cables are compatible with my PSU?

Last Update: 2020/03/03 11:28

Below are the part numbers for the EVGA modular cable sets available on our main site. They are grouped by PSU family, and each capacity unit will share the same pinout for each given cable (CPU,PCIe, etc.).

Please keep in mind that some units will require more or less modular cables to operate, depending on the capacity, so please reference our site here: www.evga.com to make sure your set is appropriate for your PSU. For the higher capacity units, EVGA sells a separate supplemental kit to match with the standard kit, however these additional cables need to be purchased separately.

Some PSUs are semi-modular and may not require a full set; however the pinout for these units should still be the same if you are interested in using the sleeved cables as an alternative to the stock set.

Compatible with 1600 watt and under G2/P2/T2Models:
Part Numbers:

Compatible with 1300 watt and under G2/G3/G5/G+/P2/PQ/T2Models:
Part Numbers:

Compatible with 850 watt and under BQ/B2/B3/B5/G2/G3/G5/G+/GA/GM/P2/PQ/T2Models:
Part Numbers:

Compatible with GS/PS Models:
Part Numbers:

Compatible with G1 Models:
Part Numbers:

*Please note that all GQ power supplies are not cross-compatible with any other cable sets.