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Product Service

Special EVGA 30 Series Notify System (10/5/2021) Notice:

1. The queue system will be rolled back to the previous rule.
   a. Anyone who missed a card from Monday, October 4th, will be notified on the next release.
   b. EVGA will continue to send notifies through October 8th.

2. In order to get cards to gamers sooner, please go to the notify page here and keep selected your top two cards that you would like to purchase and remove the others.
   a. On October 11th, 2021 the system will only lookup and send notifies based on your two oldest entries.
   b. Going forward the queue system will only allow for two 30 series notifies on the current lineup.
   c. EVGA strongly suggests to keep the FTW3 ULTRA or XC3 ULTRA models due to consistent supply compared to limited supply on K|NGP|N, HYDRO COPPER and HYBRID due to supply constraints.
   d. EVGA is also going to be adding SMS verification to the checkout process for all notifications to catch bot orders.

3. The queue system will not be turned back on until the current queues are fulfilled.

4. The checkout window is 20 hours from the time of notification released.

EVGA appreciates your feedback to continue improving the queue system to deliver 30 Series cards into as many gamers hands as possible.

EVGA Service Team

EVGA Europe Service Team

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  • Europe 11