No display isuses with muiltiple Displayport monitors or with high resolution/high refresh rate single monitor

Last Update: 8/3/2023 3:34 PM

If you have trouble with multiple monitors not displaying via Displayport, or a single high resolution/high refresh rate display not displaying, you may be encountering a data rate bandwidth issue via Displayport. Displayport (hereafter DP) has 25.92 Gbps availble shared across all DP connections. See below for a list of common resolutions and data rates required for them. In general, you can typically run two 2560x1440 displays at 120Hz, three 1920x1080 displays at 144Hz, or a single 3840x2160 display at 120Hz without issue. 
resolution/refresh data rate Gbit/s
1920x1080/60 3.20
1920x1080/120 6.59
1920x1080/144 8.00
1920x1080/240 14.00
2560x1080/60 4.98
2560x1080/120 9.95
2560x1080/144 11.94
2560x1440/60 5.63
2560x1440/120 11.59
2560x1440/144 14.08
2560x1440/165 16.30
2560x1440/240 24.62
3440x1440/60 8.92
3440x1440/75 11.15
3440x1440/120 17.83
3440x1440/144 21.40
3840x2160/60 12.54
3840x2160/120 25.82
3840x2160/144 31.35
3840x2160/240 54.84
5120x1440/60 13.27
5120x1440/120 26.54
5120x1440/240 53.08

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