December 2020 - First Edition

EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

November 2020 - First Edition

EVGA Overclocking Invitational 2

October 2020 - First Edition

The EVGA Gamer Ghouls Social Media Event

September 2020 - Third Edition

The EVGA Play2Win Event

September 2020 - Second Edition

EVGA XR1 Capture Device

September 2020 - First Edition

EVGA GeForce 30 Series

August 2020 - Third Edition

Back to School Social Media Event

August 2020 - Second Edition

Buy EVGA GeForce RTX™, Get Rainbow Six Siege Gold!

August 2020 - First Edition

EVGA 1600/1300 G+ PSU

July 2020 - Fifth Edition

EVGA 21st Anniversary Social Media Event

July 2020 - Fourth Edition

EVGA GeForce GTX 1650 KO

July 2020 - Third Edition

EVGA 21st Anniversary

July 2020 - Second Edition

Buy EVGA GeForce RTX™, Get Death Stranding!

July 2020 - First Edition

EVGA 21st Anniversary Countdown!

June 2020 - Third Edition

Dads and Grads Social Media Event

June 2020 - Second Edition

Father's Day NU Audio Sale

May 2020 - Fourth Edition

Intel Social Media Event

May 2020 - Third Edition

Memorial Day Sale

May 2020 - Second Edition

EVGA Frostbite 2

April 2020 - Fifth Edition

EVGA Z490 Motherboards

April 2020 - Fourth Edition

So Fresh So Clean Social Media Event

April 2020 - Third Edition

Minecraft with GeForce® RTX

April 2020 - Second Edition

Free 2 Day shipping

March 2020 - Fourth Edition

Intel Event Gold Rush

February 2020 - Second Edition

Valentine's Day Promotion

February 2020 - First Edition

Deliver Us The Moon Promotion

January 2020 - Second Edition

EVGA GeForce RTX 2060™ KO

December 2019 - Seventh Edition

SR-3 Dark Motherboard

December 2019 - Sixth Edition

Season's Greetings

December 2019 - Third Edition

Intel Event Snow Brawl

November 2019 - Third Edition

Intel Social Media Event

November 2019 - Second Edition

Veterans Day Sale

October 2019 - Eighth Edition

EVGA Halloween Sale

October 2019 - Seventh Edition

GTX 1660/1650 SUPER

October 2019 - Fifth Edition

Midweek Madness!

October 2019 - Fourth Edition

EVGA Intel Z390 Motherboards

October 2019 - Third Edition

Intel Social Media Event

October 2019 - First Edition

Intel X299 Update

September 2019 - Third Edition

EVGA at Twitchcon

September 2019 - Second Edition

The Rules Have Changed

September 2019 - First Edition

Intel Event, and more!

August 2019 - Third Edition

EVGA G5 Power Supplies

August 2019 - First Edition

CLC Promotion, Nu Audio Promotion, Midweek Madness, Affirm 0% for 12 Month

July 2019 - Forth Edition

2080 Super, 2080 Super Unboxing, Nvidia Promotion, eBay Charity Build, 0% Financing for 12 Months, EVGA 20th Anniversary

July 2019 - Third Edition

0% APR 12 Month, RTX Super, EVGA 20th Anniversary, Nvidia Promotion

July 2019 - Second Edition

EVGA 20th Anniversary!

July 2019 - First Edition

RTX 20-series Super, 20th Anniversary Countdown, 0% Financing, Born to Hunt, Midweek Madness

June 2019 - Third Edition

Upgrade Special

June 2019 - Second Edition

20th Anniversary Stream, EVGA Summer Sizzler Social Media Event, EVGA School's Out Instagram Event, Born to Hunt Promotion, EVGA Grip Promotion, Buy EVGA X299 Intel Motherboard

June 2019 - First Edition

Summer Sizzler Intel Event, Born to Hunt, Quake RTX, Z10 RGB, Nu Audio, GRIP Promo, DIY, Buy Intel

May 2019 - Eighth Edition

Frames Win Games, Studio Ready, Z10 RGB Keyboard (coming soon), GTX1650/1660 Promo, Newegg Promo, Nu Audio Nahimic, GRIP

May 2019 - Seventh Edition

Ready For Day 1 Gaming, Buy 1650 or 1660 get a Torq X5, Memorial Day Bundles, Grip, Nu Audio

May 2019 - Sixth Edition

Intel Event, X299 Dark, Midweek Madness, Nu Audio, Grip, DIY, Buy Intel Motherboards

May 2019 - Fifth Edition

EVGA Nu Audio

May 2019 - Fourth Edition

Grand Slam Instagram Event, EVGA H370 Stinger, Midweek Madness, DIY Configurator, EVGA Powermeter, GRIP Promotion, Buy Intel Motherboards

May 2019 - Third Edition

Grip Promotion, GeForce GTX 16 Series, Fortnite Promotion, EVGA Youtube, EVGA Ebay Store

May 2019 - Second Edition

EVGA Associates, EVGA Sale!, Midweek Madness, Powermeter, DIY

May 2019 - First Edition

Spring Breakout, Z390 Dark, Z390 Dark Bundle, Grip, DIY, Gear Up

April 2019 - Seventh Edition

K|NG PIN 2080 Ti, Z390 Dark, Grip Promotion, DIY, Gear Up, RTX 2060 at Best Buy

April 2019 - Sixth Edition

Associates Flash Sale, Best Buy, DIY, 16 Series

April 2019 - Fifth Edition

GRIP, NU Audio, Fortnite, GM Series PSU

April 2019 - Fourth Edition

DIY, Associates Coupon Flash Sale, Victory Royale, RTX Tech Demos, Gear Up with EVGA, Buy from Best Buy

April 2019 - Third Edition

Victory Royale, Associates, Fortnite, Grip, Nu Audio, Midweek Madness

April 2019 - Second Edition

EVGA GEFORCE RTX™ 2080 Ti, EVGA Z390 Dark Motherboard Flash Sale, 6 Hour Game and Give, GRIP Promo

April 2019 - First Edition

Associates Flash Sale

March 2019 - Fourth Edition

GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming Cards, GRIP Promotion, EVGA Associates, Nu Wave

March 2019 - Third Edition

EVGA Associates Program

March 2019 - Second Edition

Associates Program, Elite Member Program, Newegg Audio Giveaway, DIY

March 2019 - First Edition

RTX Triple Threat, 20 Series, Nu Audio Giveaway, G+, DIY

February 2019 - Sixth Edition

EVGA GeForce GTX 1660, EVGA 1300 G2 Coupon, Grip Promotion, Nu Audio

February 2019 - Fourth Edition

Presidents' Day Sale

February 2019 - Third Edition

Grip Promotion, Perfect Match, Game On Promotion, Fortnite Promotion

February 2019 - Second Edition

The Power of Love

February 2019 - First Edition

Perfect Match, Grip Promotion, Game On Promotion, Fortnite Promotion

January 2019 - Third Edition

Grip Promotion, Nu Audio, EVGA GeForce RTX 2060

January 2019 - Second Edition

EVGA Nu Audio, EVGA GeForce RTX 2060, Game On Promotion, Z390 Dark

January 2019 - First Edition

EVGA Nu Audio, EVGA GeForce RTX 2060, Z390 Dark, Game On Promotion