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Infineon MOSFET The main MOSFET functions as a switch for the half-bridge LLC converter. This gate switch turns on to load, and then switches off to deliver the power for conversion. Using the correct high-quality MOSFET allows the DC-DC conversion to be as efficient as possible.
Nippon Chemi-Con Capacitor There are many capacitors on a power supply, but the main capacitor is the most important due to the amount of power stored at any time. Japanese capacitors, including those from Nippon Chemi-Con, are tested to the highest standard in the power supply industry, ensuring reliability and durability
Hydrodynamic Bearing Hydrodynamic Bearings are a type of fluid bearing for fans. Fluid dynamic bearing fans rely on a thin-layer of fluid between the bearings to create lower friction, wear, and vibration. Hydrodynamic bearings use the shaft to pressurize the fluid to create the barrier between the bearings. This method reduces noise and vibration.
Thin Fan Blade with Stylish E-logo The EVGA fan blade uses a thin blade to cut through the air, delivering cooling to the power supply, while keeping noise to a minimum. The E-logo is printed on the blades as yet another means to show attention to detail.
Exclusive license transformer Store Energy and Release Energy
PWM Controller Pulse-width modulation, or PWM, converts analog signals to pulse signals, which constantly update and drive signals to various devices.
DC-DC Converter Makes the output voltage more stable
Fully Modular
LLC Resonant
Circuit Layout
Active Clamp
Circuit Design

EVGAs Award Winning Power Supplies Offer Advanced Performance

Model EVGA 850 G3 Brand A Brand B
Key Parts Key Parts Brand Nation Key Parts Brand Nation Key Parts Brand Nation
iImprove startup power security
Bridge Rectifier
iRectifier of AC into DC
Shindengen JP VISHAY US Lite-On TW
iThe switch component for Power factor
Infineon DE Infineon DE Vishay Siliconix US
iThe switch for half-bridge LLC converter
Infineon DE Champion TW Vishay Siliconix US
PFC Diode
iThe switch component for Power factor
CREE US STMicroelectronics FR Power Integrations US
Bulk Cap
iImprove the hold up time
Chemi-con JP Chemi-con JP Chemi-con JP
PFC Controller
iImprove the power factor
infineon DE Champion TW Infineon DE
PWM Controller
iPulse Width Modulation, abbreviated PWM, is a technique that converts analog signals to pulse
TSMC OEM TW Champion TW Infineon DE
iThe output voltage more stable
ON-semi US Anpec TW Anpec TW
Solid Cap
iMake the output voltage more stable
Chemi-con JP Chemi-con JP Chemi-con JP
iCooling and reduces radio noise
EVGA HDB Bearing TW Hong Hua FDB CN Rifle Bearing
80 PLUS GOLD Certified

Delivers more than 80 PLUS GOLD level efficiency!

Superior Voltage Regulation

±1.66% tight load regulation provides you the highest performance

Ripple & Noise

Extremely low output voltage ripple and noise(<15mV) to ensure a highest quality power.

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