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EVGA Dealer Direct RMA

EVGA Dealer Direct RMA

Dealer Direct RMA Terms and Conditions

  • All dealers selling EVGA products who reside in the United States, Canada, Central and South America are eligible to conduct their RMAs directly with EVGA.
  • Dealers wishing to conduct their RMAs directly with EVGA must apply for an RMA account with EVGA. Applications are available on our website at
  • All EVGA products are eligible for RMA as long as they are within 1 year of the original invoice date received from their distributor. Products submitted for an RMA request outside of 1 year of the original invoice date will be reviewed based on the Dealer RMA contract warranty. Products with part number containing a suffix -KR, -K1, -K2, -K3, -KB, -KA, -KF, -LA, -LE, -LR, -L1, -LX, -T1, -T2, -TR, -TX -TR, -LR, -B1, -BR, -BX, -DR, -RX will offer a maximum of a 1 year warranty from the invoice date received from their distributor. Products with a part number containing a suffix –RB will offer a maximum of a 90 day warranty from the invoice date received from their distributor.
  • For dealer RMA, return the EVGA product(s) only, keep all accessories and packaging. You will not receive any accessories in return.
  • RMAs will be honored with replacement items only. EVGA will not issue any credits or refunds. Items will be replaced with the same item or a similar item, at the discretion of EVGA.
  • The dealer asking for RMA will be responsible for the costs of shipping to EVGA. EVGA will only be responsible for the costs of shipping replacement products back to the dealer.
  • Dealer Direct RMA is an “As Is” program. Meaning EVGA will only replace items we receive for RMA.
  • EVGA reserves the right to change content of the dealer direct RMA program anytime at their discretion.
  • EVGA does offer cross-shipping through our Dealer Direct RMA Program. During your RMA request submission, you have the option to select cross-shipping for each product. Once your RMA is approved, a credit card collateral of the MSRP of each product requested for cross-shipping must be submitted. Your collateral will returned to the credit card used when the original products are received by EVGA undamaged.

Dealer Direct RMA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am already signed up and registered as a dealer for EVGA. Do I need to register again for the Dealer Direct RMA Program?
A: Yes, you will have to register. This is a new program that EVGA is implementing and requires dealers wishing to participate to sign up.

Q: How long do I have to submit for an RMA?
A: Dealers may submit an RMA on EVGA products that are within one year of the original invoice received from their distributor.

Q: Can I get credit rather than replacement RMA?
A: No. Through the Dealer Direct RMA Program, EVGA will only issue replacement RMA.

Q: I can't find my original box and manual that my card came with, am I still eligible for Dealer Direct RMA?
Yes, you are still eligible for Dealer Direct RMA. As stated in our terms and conditions, you only need to send in the product only. Please keep all accessories, as we do not send any accessories out upon replacing your product.

Q: I submitted cards for RMA, but EVGA replaced them with different cards.
A: At our discretion, we may substitute products submitted for RMA with similar items.

Q: When I submit an RMA, do I get a new warranty with the card?
A: No, your original warranty is carried over to your new card from the original date of purchase.

Q: Where can I sign up for Dealer Direct RMA?
A: You can sign up directly on our website at

Q: Where can I submit RMAs after I've signed up?
A: You can submit RMAs directly online at

Q: How can I track the status of RMAs that I have applied for?
A: You can track your RMA status by logging in with your account and password at

Q: How many items can I submit at one time for RMA?
A: A single RMA submission can cover one or more multiple RMAs.

Q: I have a great deal of RMAs. What is the suggested duration period for submitting RMAs?
A: To cut down on your shipping costs, EVGA suggests that the submission of RMAs should be conducted every 2 WEEKS.

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