How do I get a copy of my Amazon invoice?

Last Update: 2018/06/30

How do I get a copy of my Amazon invoice?

First log into your Amazon account https://amazon.com and then navigate to your order history.
[1-2] Select the year in which you placed your order.

[3] Once you find your order, click on order details on the top right.
Click on View or Print invoice.
This will open a printable version of your invoice. To print this as a PDF: Chrome: 1. Click on Destination. 2. Change and chose Save as PDF. 3. Hit Save, and save the PDF to your desktop by pressing the Desktop button and the Save. Internet Explorer/Firefox/Others: Internet Explorer doesn't natively support printing to PDF, but many PDF programs do and may have added the ability to print to PDF. Follow the same instructions for Chrome, but if there is no option to print to PDF, just hit the Print Screen key (sometimes labeled as “Prt Scn” on your keyboard, open a photo program such as Paint, GIMP, or Photoshop, then press Ctrl+V to paste the screen shot to the document and save it in .JPG format. Alternatively, you can also select "Microsft XPS document" and save the output as an XPS document instead of a PDF. This works in Firefox as well. You can now upload your invoice here

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