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11/16/2009 kecheme 5/5 The product was great. I would buy one if I had the extra cash. ELP rocks.
10/8/2009 Thosesneakyfrench 1/5 Could not get it to work with 2 computers, nothing but problems.
10/8/2009 killerjay_47 3/5 I tried the 3D Glasses with a couple of games during the time I had it. I have to say that it looked best when used with the demo of the spinning NVIDIA logo. The logo appeared to hover out of the screen when it came toward you, which was pretty neat. None of the games looked that good though.

One thing I noticed right away was that the glasses were big enough to fit over top of my eyeglasses. However, they weren't too heavy or clunky to wear.

Once I got the whole thing set up and working, I was able to see 3D but I was a little disoriented by the fact that changing my perspective did not change the perspective of the 3D objects on screen. It took me a while to get used to that.

In NHL09, I had to turn down the depth fairly low to get things to look OK. There were still some objects on the screen that were incorrectly or awkwardly placed depth-wise, especially among the scoreboard, the titles, and the menus. Otherwise, for the most part, the players and the ice surface had some visible 3D textures and didn't look too bad.

Playing The Witcher, there were a lot of moments where large portions of the screen appeared flat, without any depth at all. Occasionally, limbs or objects on the screen were incorrectly placed in the depth scale, such as times when a sword was pointed in one direction by shading and appearance, but its 3D object appeared to point in a completely different direction. Once again, when it was working, it was very cool, but The Witcher is not very well supported.

Overall, I would say that the technology is cool, although it doesn't feel like it's mature. Perhaps that's the result of using it with games that weren't designed with that in mind. Or perhaps it isn't quite refined enough yet to take off. I know for certain that I wouldn't pay the asking price for a set of them myself. They're not worth it at this point. Maybe in a few years the technology will make me take a second look, but for now I'm happy envisioning the 3rd dimension in my head, rather than trying to see it with my eyes. Of course, I'm not a hardcore gamer.

Thanks to EVGA for making this review possible - this program is an awesome thing for you to do for the community.
9/18/2009 warmelin 3/5 Drivers installed easily. Saw a modest improvement in latency. Also saw a small improvement in frame rates (about 5%). Would like to have had a chance to use NPU for program such as built in firewall. Not a bad product, but I wouldn't purchase it at its current price. I would reconsider if the price dropped considerably.
8/27/2009 Scorpion-X 3/5 I'll make this simple, it definitely was cool, I had some problem's getting it to work correctly at first, but after some tweaking it was pretty cool...Would I buy it? If the glasses and monitor were less expensive lets say $50.00 for the glasses and under $300.00 for the monitor, there is a good chance I would...

Thank you EVGA for the chance to try it out :)
8/27/2009 NorthernBeserker 3/5 The installation of the Killer Xeno Pro was a breeze. Test ran the card on COD:WaW, D&D: Stormreach, BF:Heroes, CS:S, Unreal T 3 and Demigod. I would have to say that overall I did see an improvement, mostly in FPS during large battles. I didn't seem to drop as many frames. on average I had 10-15 FPS differnce where as my onboard LAN was 15-20.

If money is no object then definatly get this card, but if you are on a budget spend your money on a good QOS router with gigabit connections or a better video card. The latest EVGA Geforce 200 series kick butt.
8/27/2009 pratik760li 5/5 The 3D glasses work flawlessly with the games I tested out. Real life like feeling when you are sitting in an exotic car in TDU. The flaw I found in the glasses is that you can't go more than 3ft from the monitor and monitor compatibility is very limited. No support for XP :(

Overall the 3d glasses and the 3d monitor work as advertised!
8/27/2009 dlobe@telus.net 4/5 I found the 3d good on some games eg. SPORE AND LEFT4 DEAD..
bUT SOME OTHERS WEREN'T THAT GREAT(EG. FALOUT 3) If I could get the 3d glass to work with any monitor, it would be much better. At this time there seems to be only two monitors that at compatable, I'll wait until there are bigger and more monitors to pick from. It was nice of you to let me try the 3d out, and i am greatful.

Thanks for the demo

8/27/2009 kidqwik 3/5 Nvidia 3D Vision w/Samsung 120Hz monitor
I was a bit skeptical on how Nvidia's 3D Vision would work or if it would work at all. I mean, it's hard to know how a 3D product would work because you can't really have screen shots to view in 3D without a 3D kit. I'm glad EVGA gave me the opportunity to demo this product.
Samsung Monitor
The Samsung 22" LCD monitor is bright and vibrant. The image quality is excellent and the games I played appeared very crisp and colorful, especially when I had the 3D turned off. To be honest though, I totally missed the extra 2" from my Dell 24". I immediately noticed it being a bit smaller when I replaced the Dell with the Samsung. I guess there's something about when you have a larger monitor not being able to go smaller again without cringing. Especially for gaming! I think the kit truly needed to have a 24" monitor to make things better all around for 3D viewing. When you have a smaller screen you have less 3D and game play space in front of you but more blank space all around the edges. This may have caused some of the discomfort I'll talk about later on. Oh, also the bottom leg of the stand that you have to squeeze into the base was a nightmare to get in and get out. You need to use a good deal of force/wiggling/cunning to get it in and I was constantly worried about somehow damaging the screen or cracking the plastic frame.

3D Glasses
The kit did not come with the CD the instructions mentioned so I downloaded it off Nvidia's site and burnt it on a CD for the next ELPer instead of having to scour through the packaging looking for something that isn't there. The glasses are nicely designed and come with I think it's three additional interchangeable rubber nose rest pieces. There's a size for all noses. :) You charge the glasses via USB cable connected to your computer, unplug the USB cable, and then connect the USB cable to infared base, put on the glasses and you're ready to go! I didn't find the glasses really uncomfortable. I did have them fog up here in there. I'm sure it had a lot to do with the heat and humidity going on here in NJ but it was a annoying regardless. I'm not a sunglass wearer to begin with, but I didn't feel the 3D glasses hurting my ears after an extended wear. What eventually tired my eyes had more to do with the 3D experience.

Games played and 3D experience
I play mostly MMoGs so I decided to stick mostly to what I would normally play if I was to purchase this kit. Lord of the Rings Online, City of Heroes/Villains, Aion Online Beta(YAY!!!), and I threw in Call of Duty: World at War as well. On the Infared base there is a depth wheel. You move the wheel up or down to give more or less depth to the 3D effect. I found myself having put the depth only maybe 1/4 a way up to have the most comfortable feeling. The higher I upped it I felt eye strains and like I was trying to look into another dimension. At 1/4 though things weren't so painful and wow, the things actually does work! You do see things in 3D! One of the problems though is you need to play games that consider they may be played in 3D or at least have a setting to be playing in 3D. LoTRO for example... The actual game play and scenery were beautiful in 3D but the user interface with all your bags, power trays, etc, all floated on top of all the 3D going on behind it. The same applied for Aion. Also in MMoGs if you have the floating names turned on, the names above the toons running around in front of you sort of jumped at you as they ran towards you which I found pretty distracting and annoying. I turned floating names off pretty quick. :) CoD:WaW and other frag games that have less user interface things floating around and more point and click action seemed to be a more pleasant experience in regards to fatigue. In all the games I played, the 3D was very nice. The problem though I think lies in how long can you play in 3D before your mind/eyes beg to be set free from their 3D enhancement. I found myself taking off the glasses quite often and turning off the 3D after a while. It's one thing to watch a movie in 3D almost mindlessly in front of a giant movie screen, it's another to have it right in front of you on a small 22" screen and having to think your way through battles and be an active participant in what you're viewing. I also had to drop the refresh rate down to like 60hz because whenever I looked down at my illuminated Logitech keyboard all the keys were rapdily pulsing with the glasses on. Same with the blue emblem on the Razer Copperhead mouse and my Blackberry's screen. Having to look, find things with your hands that weren't on the screen and having to look around I felt a bit harder than when they normally were mindless simple tasks without the glasses on.

The Nvidia 3D Vision kit with the Samsung 120Hz monitor does work. Things are in 3D and it is very cool feeling when you initially get things going and see the 3D going for the first time. However, I think there are few things that make this kit not worth the $600 or so it is. There definately should be a 24" monitor with the kit. A larger monitor would allow for more game play space and less distracting empty space around your 3D experience. I'm also not sure if 3D game play is a very playable medium for those that sit in front of their computers with ease for hours playing games. For as much as 3D adds to game play in awe and coolness, it seems to take away from playability. As much as I tried to play things in 3D for a longer period of time I felt myself wanting to play less. When I took off the glasses and turned off the 3D I seemed to find myself once again immersed in the game. Maybe that is the problem? When playing in 3D you focus more on the 3D experience than you do on the actual game play experience?
That being said I think the kit does what it says it will do. It does give the user a 3D experience as promised. So did watching the movie UP in 3D though and for some reason I found that a bit more enjoyable. If they made this for like 46"+ LCD TVs to watch movies in 3D on.. I think it may have found the perfectly pleasant experience for it's use! 3/5 stars. Thanks for the ELP EVGA!
8/11/2009 joshmackey 3/5 A nifty product but still not worth spending several hundred dollars for yet.

Out of the two games I have that worked with it. Only one was playable. Team Fortress 2 was able to use the Nvidia 3D glasses perfectly fine in game but the menus were uncalibrated to a point where it gave me a headache just looking at them.

Fallout 3 looked amazing with the glasses however, the targetting reticle would not convert to 3D properly. I could melee all I want, but it was impossible to aim properly with 3D enabled.

Lastly, the drivers need to be cleaned up BADLY. Normally I use two monitors, but if the second monitor was enabled when a game was launching with 3D, my computer would have a BSOD and restart. That is unacceptable and needs to be fixed by Nvidia ASAP.

Overall, it was a neat experience, but I don't see myself buying the glasses (and a capable monitor) anytime soon.
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