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Latest X58 Classified Reviews
Date By Rating Reviews
8/11/2009 TheGoat Eater 5/5 While I personally had problems with the overclocking of the board on my own, I think it was dues to my lack of knowledge of optimal settings for the board. while I was in Detroit for what is now called EVGA Motor City OC Event I got the chance to learn to use the board with Peter Tan aka Shamino, under Liquid Nitrogen and I was able to get Peter's W3570 up to and arouse 5.2GHz with ease. So while my experience with the board by myself just learning it I ran into trouble, but realize that with time I could come to know what my setup would like and really be able to dial it in. So overall I recommend the board and will say that you should take you time to tweak and learn what all the setting do... If you are buying a $400USD motherboard you should really take time to learn all the features it has... Also I want to report that there will be a new external overclocking which was nicknamed "the clicker" and its approximately the size of an ipod classic and is able to tweak the board just like the eleet tool but its all hardware, and no this is not a usb attachment - it plugs into a header on the board...
Latest NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Reviews
Date By Rating Reviews
11/16/2009 kecheme 5/5 The product was great. I would buy one if I had the extra cash. ELP rocks.
Latest Killer Xeno Pro Reviews
Date By Rating Reviews
10/8/2009 Thosesneakyfrench 1/5 Could not get it to work with 2 computers, nothing but problems.
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    Program 1
  • EVGA Killer Xeno Pro Gaming Network Card

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    Program 2
  • NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Glasses
  • 22" Samsung 120Hz Monitor

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    Program 3
  • EVGA X58 Classified Limited Edition Motherboard
  • CPU, RAM and other parts NOT included

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