What size are the thermal pads for the thermal mod?

Last Update: 2019/07/13

This FAQ is only in regards to Geforce 10 series thermal mod.

In most cases, thermal pads used by EVGA are 1mm in thickness. This would include all VRAM thermal pads.

1080/1070 FTW:

Baseplate (Narrow) Pad: 26mm x 110mm x 1mm +/-0.1mm thickness
Backplate (Wide) Pad: 58mm x 110mm x 2mm +/-0.1mm thickness

Non-FTW, Non-Classified, Non-Black Edition:

Baseplate (Narrow) Pad: 26mm x 93.4mm x 1.5mm +/-0.1mm thickness
Backplate (Wide) Pad: 58mm x 93.4mm x 2mm +/-0.1mm thickness

For more information on the EVGA thermal mod please visit https://www.evga.com/thermalmod/