When do I need to provide my receipt or invoice? How do I upload a copy of my purchase invoice or receipt for RMA, EAR, and Step-Up?

Last Update: 12/11/2023 2:39 PM

When do I need to upload a copy of my invoice or receipt?

We recommend that you upload an invoice any time you register your product.
Products Eligible for EVGA's Standard Warranty do not require an invoice prior to purchases made before May 25th, 2018. EVGA Warranty begins from the date that the product was originally shipped from the EVGA warehouse. For the original owner of a product, a valid invoice that can be verified from an approved reseller may be uploaded to receive warranty from the date of purchase instead. Please see the EVGA Warranty page for more details.

Uploading Your Invoice is Easy! For instructions on obtaining an Amazon or Newegg invoice, please see our other FAQs:

How to upload your Amazon.com invoice How to upload your Newegg.com invoice How to upload your eBay invoice
There are three types of files you can upload: PDF, JPG, and XPS. Here are three methods of making and uploading these files to EVGA.

How to Upload a PDF file

1. If you have a PC or MAC, you can save your document to PDF or Print to a digital printer. 2. Go to https://www.evga.com/support/upload.asp 3. Select the product you are uploading an invoice for from the pulldown menu, then click continue

4. Click Browse, and navigate to where you saved your invoice and double click on the file. A path will appear in the box, and click Upload.

5. You will receive a confirmation at the next screen, as well as one to your registered email.
**Below is a sample of the email you will receive.

58652 invoice upload how to an receipt register product member evga account warranty registeration upload screenshot .pdf .jpg RMA invoice online pdf jpeg jpg purchase copy rma ear step up step-up receipt XPS