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EVGA Product Registration

To register your EVGA product you will need: your EVGA serial number which is located on the product and on the box as well as the place and date of purchase. If you have any questions or problems with this page please contact the webmaster.

Check below for examples of what the serial number looks like. The sticker is on the box as well as the product itself.

Current Sticker:

Current Serial Sticker
Current Serial Sticker
Current Serial Sticker

Previous Sticker:

Previous Serial Sticker

Old Motherboard Sticker:

Old Motherboard Sticker

Old Video Card Sticker:

Old Video Card Sticker

Special Queue 3.0 Notice:

All queue released products starting Jan 2022 will follow Queue 3.0. This does not affect your previous Queue position. Learn more about Queue 3.0 at As with the previous Queue implementation, going into queue does not guarantee that your notify order will be fulfilled. While supplies last.

Special EVGA Bot Protection Notice:

Please note that has bot protection in place. To ensure a quality experience, EVGA recommends to avoid using browser refresh extensions, bots, or other automated processes during your visit. Failure to comply may result in a temporary or permanent IP ban from websites.

Special Payment Notice:

Currently we are experiencing issues with some Mastercard payments. We are working with our payment processor to resolve quickly but do not have an estimated timeframe on this resolution. If possible, we recommend using either Visa or Paypal for payments through our website. Our apologies for any inconvenience.