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Rebate information


If additional assistance is needed, please email or call our rebate center directly Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM Mountain Standard Time at 888-236-8827.

Track your rebate - the tracking number and postal code are required when searching for your rebate.

Submit your rebate

Common Questions:

  • Q. How long will it take to process my rebate?
  • A. 8-10 weeks from the time the paperwork is received and approved by our processing center.
  • Q. Will removing the serial number sticker from the box that the product arrived in void my warranty?
  • A. No, removing the serial number sticker from the box will not void your warranty. Please do not remove the same sticker from your product as this will void your warranty.
  • Q. How many products can I receive a rebate on?
  • A. One product per promotion number unless otherwise noted on the rebate submission form.
  • Q. Where do I get the form to submit my rebate?
  • A. The rebate submission form is different for every reseller and this can usually be found on the product page when ordering, or on the receipt after placing your order.