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Which Graphics Cards are compatible with EVGA PowerLink?
Last Update : 2018/10/22
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Question / Issue
Which Graphics Cards are compatible with EVGA PowerLink?

Answer / Solution

EVGA PowerLink™ compatibility is not exclusive to a series of cards. If
your graphics card(s) meets certain requirements, the PowerLink™ may be
used, even if it’s not on the officially-supported graphics card list below.

The PowerLink™ comes with two 8-pin PCI-E and one 6-pin PCI-E connectors.
Owners of graphics cards that meet the requirements for the PowerLink™
that need two 6-pin PCI-E connectors will need to purchase a second 6-pin
PCI-E connector from the EVGA store. Please note that these 6-pin connectors
will be available as a separate purchase, and you will not need to purchase
an additional PowerLink™. Graphics cards on the officially-supported list
requiring a second 6-pin PCI-E connector will be noted as such.

This list of officially-supported graphics cards is non-exclusive. We’ve
compiled a list of 10-series and 900-series graphics cards that may be used
with the PowerLink™. However, the PowerLink™ may be used with cards not on
this list, such as 700-series, 600-series, etc. We will show how to check
if your graphics card is compatible with the PowerLink™ below. This list
may not be updated when new graphics cards are released; instead, please
check the explanation below the list to see if your card is compatible with
the PowerLink™.

Quick reference of Graphics cards compatible with the EVGA PowerLink™:

**Please note that all ICX card models are compatible with the EVGA PowerLink™**

Graphics Card: Part Number:
RTX 2080Ti: 11G-P4-2282-KR, 11G-P4-2382-KR, 11G-P4-2383-KR, 11G-P4-2487-KR
RTX 2080: 08G-P4-2082-KR, 08G-P4-2182-KR, 08G-P4-2183-KR, 08G-P4-2287-KR
RTX 2070: 08G-P4-2071-KR, 08G-P4-2172-KR, 08G-P4-2173-KR, 08G-P4-2277-KR
GTX 1080Ti: 11G-P4-6796, 11G-P4-6698, 11G-P4-6696, 11G-P4-6694, 11G-P4-6598, 11G-P4-6593, 11G-P4-6591, 11G-P4-6393, 11G-P4-6391, 11G-P4-6390
GTX 1080: 08G-P4-6686, 08G-P4-6583, 08G-P4-6581, 08G-P4-6386, 08G-P4-6384, 08G-P4-6288, 08G-P4-6286, 08G-P4-6284, 08G-P4-6189, 08G-P4-6188, 08G-P4-6183, 08G-P4-6181, 08G-P4-6180, 08G-P4-5182, 08G-P4-5180
GTX 1070Ti: 08G-P4-5678, 08G-P4-6678, 08G-P4-6775, 08G-P4-5671
GTX 1070: 08G-P4-6676, 08G-P4-6573, 08G-P4-6571, 08G-P4-6278, 08G-P4-6276, 08G-P4-6274, 08G-P4-6178, 08G-P4-6173, 08G-P4-6171, 08G-P4-6170, 08G-P4-5173, 08G-P4-5171, 08G-P4-5170
GTX 1060 6GB: 06G-P4-6768, 06G-P4-6667, 06G-P4-6368, 06G-P4-6366, 06G-P4-6268, 06G-P4-6267, 06G-P4-6266, 06G-P4-6265, 06G-P4-6264, 06G-P4-6262, 06G-P4-6163, 06G-P4-6161
GTX 1060 3GB: 03G-P4-6767, 03G-P4-6567, 03G-P4-6367, 03G-P4-6365, 03G-P4-6168, 03G-P4-6167, 03G-P4-6166, 03G-P4-6165, 03G-P4-6162, 03G-P4-6160
GTX Titan X: 12-P4-2999, 12-P4-2992, 12-P4-2990, 12-P4-1999
GTX 980Ti: 06G-P4-4999, 06G-P4-4998, 06G-P4-4997, 06G-P4-4996, 06G-P4-4995, 06G-P4-4994, 06G-P4-4993, 06G-P4-4992, 06G-P4-4991, 06G-P4-4990, 06G-P4-3998, 06G-P4-3997, 06G-P4-3996, 06G-P4-3994, 06G-P4-1996, 06G-P4-0998
GTX 980: 04G-P4-3988, 04G-P4-3987, 04G-P4-2988, 04G-P4-2987, 04G-P4-2986, 04G-P4-2985, 04G-P4-2984, 04G-P4-2983*, 04G-P4-2982*, 04G-P4-2981*, 04G-P4-2980*, 04G-P4-1989*, 04G-P4-1982*, 04G-P4-1980*
GTX 960: 04G-P4-3962, 04G-P4-3961, 04G-P4-1962, 04G-P4-1961, 02G-P4-2962, 02G-P4-2961
GTX 950: 02G-P4-2951, 02G-P4-1958, 02G-P4-1956, 02G-P4-1954, 02G-P4-1952, 02G-P4-1950

*Cards marked with an asterisk require an additional 6-pin PCI-e connector sold at EVGA.com

The Maximum width that the connectors can be positioned is 48.6mm as shown by the photo below.

Generally, graphics cards with PCI-E connector configurations similar to these will be compatible:

Graphics cards with similar PCI-E configurations like this are compatible after
purchasing a second 6-pin PCI-e connector from EVGA.com:

Other graphics cards may be compatible with the PowerLink™, but EVGA cannot officially support
or confirm graphics cards manufactured by other companies will work properly with the PowerLink™.
Generally speaking, graphics cards modeled after Nvidia reference designs looking similar to the
pictures above may work.

There are other designs, however, which will not work. Here are some
images of PCI-E connector configurations that will not work with the PowerLink™:

Graphics cards with three or more sets of PCI-E connectors:

Graphics cards with the PCI-E connectors well-offset from the edge of the graphics card:

Graphics cards with the PCI-E connector on the short side of the PCB:

Graphics cards where any of the PCI-E connectors are set such that the tab/clip portion of the
connector faces the PCB (compare the PCI-E connector in the photo below to any of the other photos):

If you have any questions about whether your graphics card is compatible with the EVGA PowerLink™
please call our 24/7 Customer Support at (888) 881-EVGA (3842) or e-mail us at support@EVGA.com

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