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Question / Issue
I receive the code cycle "F3,F6" on my motherboard

Answer / Solution



On a fresh build or adding additional memory to an x58 Intel based motherboard, you may see the following cycle on the LED diagnostic screen:




Your motherboard may also reboot and attempt to cycle again. The issue and troubleshooting will primarily based on memory and the memory controller.

This a new build:

If you receive the cycling code you want to first verify that your memory is in the appropriate colored slots:

  1. On the 121-BL-E756 the slots will be RED
  2. On the 141-BL-E757 the slots will be GRAY
  3. On the 131-GT-E767 the slots will be GRAY
  4. On the 132-GT-E768 the slots will be GRAY
  5. On the 132-BL-E758/ the slots will be GREEN Some were recolored GRAY
  6. On the 141-BL-E759/E760/E761/E762/E769/E770 the slots will be RED
  7. On the 141-GT-E770 the slots will be RED

If you’ve filled up each slot on the motherboard, scale down to the single colored DIMM slot closest to the CPU. If it continues to cycle please reseat the memory however this time, firmly wiggle the memory into the DIMM slots.


If the issue persists: Please try the steps again with different piece of ram. Severe instances may necessitate reseating of the CPU due to the memory controller location on the CPU, and not the motherboard. When reseating the CPU be sure to check for any bent CPU pins on the motherboard as this can also cause this error. Aftermarket coolers may exert undue force on the CPU as well. Please try the stock Intel cooler to verify the cycling.


This appears after upgrading or adding more memory:

  • In this scenario the bios may be attempting to run settings and timings for full set of ram (6 sticks for this example) when the timings were only specified for the specific set originally (i.e. pack of two or three).

We strongly advise communicating with the memory manufactures when adding additional sets to determine the proper timings and settings.

  • You might have a bad stick of ram. Try each set in the primary colored slots. From there, test one at a time in each DIMM slot to verify.

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