How do I calculate my paid price for a product purchased in a Bundle or DIY from EVGA.com?

Last Update: 2021/01/15 09:25

Step-Up eligible products purchased as part of a Bundle or DIY are considered discounted products. The discount for each item in the Bundle or DIY is based on the percentage discounted off of the MSRP to determine the subtotal. For example, if the non-discounted MSRP of the Bundle or DIY is $1,000, and the discounted subtotal is $600, this would mean the discount is $400, or 40% of the MSRP. To determine the discount on each item, subtract 40% of the item's Unit Cost to determine the final cost of each item. For example, if your RTX 3070 lists an MSRP of $500, you would subtract 40% of the item ($200) to find your final amount paid: $300.

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