Why did my price paid get changed during the approval process?

Last Update: 2021/01/15 09:24

One of four reasons:

  • After reviewing the price paid on your invoice, the Step-Up department will adjust pricing based on your invoice.
  • If there was a rebate for your product, the Step-Up department will adjust pricing to reflect rebates.
  • If the purchase price paid on your invoice (less any discounts) exceeds the MSRP of your product when you submit for a Step-Up, then the Price Paid for Product will be adjusted to match the product’s current MSRP.
  • Step-Up eligible products purchased through a Bundle or DIY are discounted based on the percentage off the MSRP to the Bundle or DIY price. Each item within the Bundle or DIY must be calculated using the same fixed percentage off the MSRP for every item.

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