Which memory will work in my Z370/Z390 motherboard?

Last Update: 2019/11/05 17:57

In the Z370 or Z390 motherboards, you may encounter a boot loop if you use certain speeds of memory with a non-K Intel processor. The issue is due to non-K CPU's being unable to support memory kits with a base clock of 100Mhz. For instance, if you are using 3000Mhz RAM, that would have a base clock of 100Mhz and would run into compatibility issues with a non-K CPU. For those non-K SKU's you would want to use a memory kit with a base clock speed of 133Mhz, such as 2933Mhz RAM.

You can resolve this by manually setting the speed to a base 133MHz speed (i.e. Memory rated for 3000MHz won’t work at 3000MHz, but can be downclocked to 2933Mhz). But you would run into issues if the memory is manually overclocked to a base 100MHz speed or if the XMP profile is rated for a base 100MHz speed.


For any -K SKU processors (such as a i9-9900K), you can use RAM which has either a 100Mhz of 133Mhz base clock speed.

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