What are the measurements for the EVGA NVLink bridges?

Last Update: 2019/04/04

For the EVGA NVLink SLI Bridges, those are offered in either 3- or 4-slot sizes. We recommend measuring the distance between the PCIe slots on your motherboard that your graphics cards would be installed into for an accurate measurement of the NVLink Bridge you should purchase. The distance between SLI connectors on the NVLink bridges are as follows:

3-slot NVLink Bridge (100-2W-0029-LR): 60mm distance

4-slot NVLink Bridge (100-2W-0030-LR): 80mm distance

You can find more information about the NVLink bridges at the link here: https://www.evga.com/articles/01267/evga-nv-link/.


59765 NVLink SLI Bridge Measurement Spacing