How do I install a Dual Slot Bracket onto my RTX Triple Slot stock cooler?

Last Update: 2019/01/05

So you just bought a shiny new RTX Hydro Copper and you have an EVGA RTX Ultra series graphics card with a triple slot bracket but you don't want a triple slot PCIE bracket to take up unnecessary space? You can purchase an optional Dual Slot PCIE bracket to go with your new waterblock and graphics card which can be found here! https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=M022-10-000130

This guide will show you how to remove the triple slot bracket and install a dual slot bracket onto your EVGA RTX graphics card.

*Important note* If your triple slot graphics card ever needs to be RMA'd you will need to reattatch the the triple slot bracket. If your graphics card originally shipped with a triple slot bracket and it is sent in for RMA with the dual slot bracket, your RMA will be rejected.

First you need to remove the cooler from base plate of the graphics card, this can be done by removing the four screws on the back of the graphics card. Pictured here


You would then remove the plastic tab that is covering your fan headers that is located on the side of the graphics card. Remove the plastic tab and disconnect your fan/RGB cable from the PCB.


Remove the cooler carefully and now you should be left with just the baseplate attached to the PCB of the graphics card. Remove the Triple Slot Bracket by removing the circled screws and the entire backplate.


You will now see that there is a small support bracket attached to the graphics card. Remove the baseplate (the baseplate is only removable if you removed all the screws from the back of the graphics card shown above) and then remove the support bracket removing the two screws circled in the image below.  (Note, this bracket needs to be saved for future warranty purposes)


You can now install your Dual Slot bracket and install your new waterblock onto your graphics card.

If you are having troubles or if you have any questions or concerns please contact our customer support team for your respective region, https://www.evga.com/about/contactus/