How do I check if my fans and RGB's are properly connected to my 20 series XC/XC Ultra graphics card?

Last Update: 2019/05/31

If your 20 series graphics card's fan or RGB's are not functioning and you have attempted uninstalling/reinstalling your NVIDIA drivers and Precision X1. It is recommended

that you check to ensure that your fans and LED's are properly connected to header on the PCB of the graphcis card. This is the plastic wiring cover on the graphics card,


You first need to remove the plastic wiring cover that is covering that Fan/RGB connector that connects to the PCB. You want to first remove the plastic wiring cover from each

side by pushing down on the plastic wiring cover from above and then pulling gently on the cover..

 With the plastic wiring cover removed you will find your two fan headers and connectors, along with a RGB connector, they both connect to on connector on the PCB.


Ensure that the cables are properly connected onto the connectors. If they are not, feel free to connect the cables onto their connectors. If the cables are properly connected

and your RGB's or fans are not working please contact our customer support team for further assistance. Our number is 1.888.881.3842 and our US Support email is,

Latin American Support, Asia Support and our EU support


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