How do I connect my motherboard to the RGB control board in the DG-7 cases?

Last Update: 2018/08/16

On the DG-76 or DG-77 cases, an RGB control board is included to allow for connecting RGB LED fans to the case. The control board has up to six (6) RGB headers as well as a USB pass-through for connecting your motherboard to the control board. To properly connect the motherboard to the control board, you will want to connect a USB 2.0 cable from your motherboard to the header on the control board marked "USB2_IN." If you have another device requiring a USB 2.0 header connection, you will want to plug the secondary device (such as a fan controller) into the header on the control board marked "USB2_OUT."



Please make sure that any USB cables are correctly connected to the appropriate headers. Improperly connecting to the wrong USB header can result in damage to any or all components connected to it!


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