How can I get my NVME M.2 Key B+M to be detectable on my X299 or Z370 Motherboard?

Last Update: 2019/05/31

So you just purchased a new Z370 or X299 motherboard and you have a NVME M.2 SATA also known as Key B+M drive that you had

laying around and are wondering if you can use that drive? Well you probably can! SATA M.2 Drives are not always guaranteed to work

but there are some settings in BIOS that you can tweak in order to enable SATA M.2 capability and it will useful for installing Windows.

All modern EVGA motherboard's come equipped with NVME M.2 Socket but only some come with the secondary M.2 Socket that is

required for M.2 SATA compatibility.



 - What you need to ensure before you get started -

  • That your EVGA motherboard has two M.2 Sockets, if your motherboard only has one M.2 Socket, M.2 SATA drives (M.2 Key B+M) will not be compatible
  • Ensure that the M.2 drive is properly installed on to the socket, which means no gold fingers should be visible.
  • No SATA drives are onto SATA ports 0/1, if you are unsure refer to your motherboard's manual, you can find our data base HERE.


At this point your M.2 device should be installed onto the M.2 slot on your motherboard. What you will need to do now is,

turn the system on and immediately hit F12 on your keyboard until you get into your UEFI BIOS. Go to the Advanced tab --> Onboard Device Configuration --> Set M.2 Socket 2 to Enabled. Save and then exit the UEFI BIOS and hit F12 until you go back into UEFI BIOS. Go to the Advanced Tab --> then SATA Configuration and your M.2 SATA drive should now be detected!



How can I get my NVME M.2 Key B+M to be detectable on my X299 or Z370 Motherboard?