The LCD on my Z10 Keyboard went blank or froze. How can I fix it?

Last Update: 2018/06/28

If the LCD screen on your Z10 keyboard goes blank after a software or firmware update, or it becomes unresponsive during normal use, a factory reset will likely be required. To do so:

1.    Uninstall any Z10 software

2.    Unplug the Keyboard, then plug it back in.  If the Z10 is not connected directly to the motherboard, please connect the Z10 directly to the motherboard at this time.
    a.    Flashing the keyboard will still work, or should work if connected via a hub (or even if it’s connected to itself….don’t ask)
3.    Restart the system.

4.    Unplug the Keyboard, then plug it back in.

5.    If still unresponsive or blank LCD, flash the appropriate firmware.

6.    After performing a successful flash, verify that the keyboard RGB is lit up and the LCD on.

7.    If still no LCD or backlighting, unplug the keyboard and plug it back in.

8.    If still unresponsive or no LCD, try flashing the firmware again.
    a.    We’ve fixed a couple unresponsive keyboards up here by attempting multiple flashes, so it’s worth a shot.

9.    If the keyboard still fails to work, it may be time for an RMA.

There are 2 different firmware versions:

US layout keyboards are 104 key:

All other layouts have 105 keys:

If the wrong firmware is flashed, please re-flash using the other version; this will not cause permanent damage, but can cause some key functions and assignments to change or become unresponsive until flashed to the correct firmware.


Z10 keyboard lcd firmware 59723