Which EVGA Modular Cables are compatible with my PSU?

Last Update: 6/6/2023 10:34 AM

Below are the part numbers for the EVGA modular cable sets available on our main site. They are grouped by both wattage and compatible PSU pinouts, so that you can be confident that you can replace the cables without running into issues. Beginning with the EVGA G3 Power Supplies, all subsequent fully-modular power supplies began using the same modular cable pinout for improved compatibility.  However, many other currently-sold EVGA power supplies use different modular cable pinouts, and thus it is necessary to always check for compatibility.

Please note that the reason for the difference in wattages is due to the amount of cables included in each pack, and are segmented to help you avoid spending more on extra cables that you don't need.  If you have a compatible 850W PSU but can only locate a compatible set for 1600W power supplies, the cables will work just fine, but you will likely have a lot of extra cables that you won't be able to use. Similarly, if you have a 1600W power supply, but can only find the cables for a compatible 850W sets, these cables can be used, but will not likely fill all the modular ports.

Please also keep in mind that power supplies of the same wattage may use a different number of cables than a similar power supply of a different series.  Reference our site at www.evga.com to make sure your set is appropriate for your PSU. For example, some power supplies are semi-modular and may not be compatible with all included cable sets (e.g. some of the cables will be hard-wired, and the power supply may not offer you a modular port to install the cable.

Lastly, please be careful to only purchase Individually Sleeved Cable sets that are fully compatible with your power supply.  Most power supplies share compatibility with PCIe cables, but power supplies do not necessarily share compatibility across SATA and 4pin molex peripheral cables and can damage devices connected to such a cable.  If you eventually replace your compatible power supply with another power supply, make sure that the power supply is compatible with the same cable set, or we strongly recommend to discontinue using the Individually Sleeved Cable set.
No Compatibility:

These power supplies are not compatible with any EVGA Individually Sleeved Cable sets:

  • EVGA GQ Power Supplies (1000 GQ, 850 GQ, 750 GQ, 650 GQ, 700 GQ, 600 GQ, 500 GQ)
  • EVGA 700 BQ, 600 BQ, 500 BQ Power supplies
  • EVGA G2L Power Supplies
  • EVGA non-modular power supplies
EVGA Fully-Modular Power Supplies:

Most of EVGA's fully-modular power supplies are compatible with the cable sets of each other, or will be noted otherwise.  As noted above, power supplies may be compatible with sets designed for a higher or lower wattage. 

Power Supplies based on the G2/P2/T2 pinout:
  • Compatible with 1600 watt and under B3/B5/G2/G3/G5/G6/GA/GM/GP*//P2/P3/P5/P6/P+/T2 Models:

Part Numbers:

  • Compatible with 1600 watt and under B3/B5/G2/G3/G5/G6/GA/GM/GP//P2/P3/P5/P6/P+/T2 Models**:

Part Numbers: 

  • Compatible with 1300 watt and under B3/B5/G2/G3/G5/G6/GA/GM/GP//P2/P3/P5/P6/P+/T2 Models:

Part Numbers: 

  • Compatible with 850 watt and under B3/B5/G2/G3/G5/G6/GA/GM/GP//P2/P3/P5/P6/P+/T2 Models:

Part Numbers: 

  • Compatible with NEX 1500 and G1*** Models:

Part Numbers: 


*For reference, GP is the same as the G1+ series power supplies.

**Special Note - as described on the product page for this cable set, these cables were part of a specially-made set for a third-party proprietary design. This set includes a non-standard number of cables (compared to our other individually sleeved cables), and also feature unique lengths on several of the cables. Please carefully review the cable specs before purchasing.

***G1 Power Supplies feature a different 24pin connector than other EVGA power supplies. For this reason, they are only compatible with the Individually Sleeved Cable set created for G1, also known as the NEX power supplies.

Power Supplies based on other pinouts:
  • Compatible with 1050 GS, 850 GS, and 1000 PS Models:

Part Numbers: 

  • Compatible with 650 GS and 550 GS Models****:

Part Numbers: 

****The 650 GS and 550 GS feature a different CPU cable pinout than the higher wattage GS and PS models. Please do not mix and match cable sets between these GS models and the 1050 GS, 850 GS, and 1000 PS power supplies.
EVGA Semi-Modular Power Supplies:

EVGA semi-modular power supplies are designed with a mixture of hard-wired cables with a mixture of modular ports for additional PCIe, SATA, and 4pin molex peripheral cables. Because of this, EVGA Individually Sleeved Cable sets will provide more cables than a semi-modular power supply can use. Likewise, the sleeving will be different than the non-modular cables. However, because we still receive a lot of interest, the following compatibility list will be for EVGA's semi-modular series.

  • Compatible with B1/B2/BQ*****/PQ Power Supplies Models:

Part Numbers:

*****850 BQ, 750 BQ, and 650 BQ are compatible with the Individually Sleeved Cable sets listed directly above.  As noted earlier, the 700 BQ, 600 BQ, and 500 BQ are not compatible with any Individually Sleeved Cable Sets.
This Individually Sleeved Cable Guide will be updated periodically as new fully-modular and semi-modular power supplies are released.  Please always verify compatibility on the product page for the cable set you are interested in purchasing, however, as our product page should be considered the most up-to-date and accurate reference for compatibility.

PSU Power Supply Cable Compatibility G2 P2 P3 P5 P6 T2 G1 G1+ G3 G5 G6 GA GM GT GP B1 B2 BQ GQ PQ Individually Sleeved Cables 59698