Prepaid UPS Shipping Label (ARS Labels for Standard RMAs and EARs)

Last Update: 2017/05/16

For our warranty process, EVGA will occasionally provide a prepaid shipping label for qualifying replacements as stated in our Warranty Terms and Conditions; or this label will be included if an replacement program has been purchased (see our EAR method).

Keep in mind that some products of exceptional size or value (cases, laptop, etc) may have different requirements to ship.
In these cases please refer to your specific RMA instructions or the directions of our team.

In order to proceed, you will need to follow the instructions below to acquire this label. The label should have all necessary information associated automatically, however if UPS does require additional paperwork (customs forms, etc.) they will include this request in their email. Please keep in mind that even though EVGA covers the carrier's fee in these cases, EVGA is not responsible for taxes or duties required by your locality. All warranty packages are marked for warranty repair, so this should not be an issue, however every package is subject to the discretion of your local authority so we recommend contacting the applicable customs representative to discuss this issue if necessary.

In the case of ARS labels processed for EVGA's Standard options (including our Standard Cross-Shipment method), the label will be emailed to you directly by UPS to the email address on your account at the time of the label request. Simply click on the provided links to retrieve your label and view information about your tracking status.

The email will look similar to the example below:

In the case of EVGA's Advanced RMA (EAR), you would receive the label directly attached to your replacement inside of a clear plastic sleeve. You would simply need to remove this label, and attach it to the same package you received once your faulty unit is packaged and ready to go.

This information only applies to North American EARs.
Advanced RMAs in other regions follow the Standard Cross-Ship procedure.

Here is an example of the label you will find:
Note: The information redacted in this sample should match your RMA details on the actual form.

If you are still having issues, please contact EVGA Customer Support:

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Send us an email:

If all else fails,

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