What is EVGA ELITE membership?

Last Update: 2017/05/31

EVGA ELITE membership is our way of showing our thanks to our returning customers, new customers with a select video cards, or forum members who contribute to our community.

ELITE status may entitle you to exclusive offers or unique opportunities not available to non-ELITE members. If you meet the criteria below, you can sign up for ELITE membership for FREE!

To qualify, you need to have done ONE (1) of the following:

  • Purchased and registered from an authorized retailer one or more qualifying EVGA GTX graphics cards as the original owner (see what products qualify HERE).
  • Purchased and registered at least two EVGA qualifying products* as the original owner, both purchased from an authorized retailer or retailers.
  • Have at least one hundred (100) posts on the EVGA.com forums.

    *qualifying products include any EVGA graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies, gaming cases, or laptops.
  • Two of the same type of products as well as any combination of prouducts from the above list qualify.
  • Step-Up products qualify.

Products that do NOT qualify:

Products with an -RX warranty code in the part number, products received from RMA, and second-hand purchases (such as, but not limited to, purchases from auction sites, classified ads, for sale/trade forums, any products previously owned by another person, etc.)

For complete terms and conditions, please visit the ELITE sign up page - https://www.evga.com/member/elite/


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