Can I upgrade my pre-order to an ELITE version of my card?

Last Update: 2017/05/09

As an ELITE member, you are elgible to upgrade your pre-order to the ELITE version of the pre-ordered product. You can upgrade your pre-order by going to https://www.evga.com/member/elite/. If you have an eligible pre-order, it will be listed here. Subject to availibility, you can chose which color of ELITE product you wish to upgrade to.

Important details:
  • Upgrades are available for a limited time, while supplies last.
  • Upgrading your pre-order will cancel your original pre-order.
  • The upgrade will use the same order number as  your original pre-order, but it is a new order.
  • You must start the upgrade request before your pre-order has shipped.
  • Each color will have it's own availibility and queue.
  • Upgrades will be processed in the same order as your original pre-order.
  • Upgrades are of a limited quantity and on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You can only upgrade to a like product, (i.e. from FTW3 to FTW3 ELITE, or SC2 to SC2 ELITE).
  • Having a pre-order is not a guarantee an upgrade to an ELITE product.
  • Once you have sucessfully submitted an upgrade request, the request cannot be cancelled, you cannot change the color, or revert to your old pre-order. Chose wisely!
For the full upgrade Terms and Conditions, please see the ELITE member page at https://www.evga.com/member/elite/ for more details.

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