POST Code "C"

Last Update: 2017/06/10

When the system powers on, the POST code indicator should cycle through several different codes before booting. However, if the boot process does not complete, you should look at the LED indicator, as it will give you diagnostic information. When a POST code indicator cycles through codes and stops at a specific code, this is an indication that initialization of a specific component or process on the board failed. If you power on the board and it goes directly to “C,” and nothing else, that is an indication of a CPU-related issue. It is not likely a faulty CPU, although it is possible; instead, it is most likely a CPU power issue. Above the CPU socket, there will be one or two 8-pin power connectors (circled in RED in the pic to the right).

This connector is the main power for the CPU and without power from the PSU, the system cannot fully power on and initialize. Depending on your motherboard, you may have one or two of these connectors; at least one must be plugged in. Make sure the plug is fully-seated and also make sure that the tab on the socket and the release on the power connector are on the same side. If the connectors do not line up, then you have plugged in a PCI-E 8-pin into the EPS connector, which may cause irreparable damage to the motherboard or the CPU.

If the PSU is modular, make sure the cable is fullyseated on the PSU side as well. Also, only use cables from your PSU manufacturer for your specific PSU, because using a cable designed for a different PSU may have catastrophic effects. Finally, ensure that the cable on the PSU side is plugged into the connector for the CPU, typically labelled “CPU” or “EPS,” but consult your power supply manual for the correct plug.

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