How do I update my BIOS of my motherboard using the USB method?

Last Update: 2018/08/07

Download the files from the EVGA download center at: https://www.evga.com/support/download/. Once done, extract the files.

Ensure that your flash drive is formatted as FAT32. You can confirm this by right clicking on the drive under computer and clicking properties. If it is not, you will want to right click on the drive and reformat it as FAT32.

Move the extracted files to the flash drive.

Reboot the machine and enter the BIOS by repeatedly pressing DEL. Do not hold the key down.

Once in the BIOS, navigate to the Save & Exit tab.

Open the Select BIOS File Option.

Select the BIOS file.

Once done, let the system complete its updates and reboot. Do not turn off your system during this process as this can brick your BIOS chip.


59608 BIOS Update Z97 Z170 Z270 Z370 X99 X299 Flash USB