Setting up RAID in UEFI on my EVGA motherboard?

Last Update: 2015/09/22


Go under the Advanced tab > Sata Configuration > and set SATA controller where the drives are attached to RAID mode in the drop down menu.

Go to the Boot tab > CSM Configuration > set both Launch Video Oprom Policy and Launch Storage Oprom Policy to UEFI, 

Press F10 to save and exit system. Upon reboot,  enter UEFI/BIOS again

Now, go back to Boot > CSM Configuration > Launch CSM - set to Disable

Go to Advanced tab > a new option is available at the bottom - Intel Rapid Storage Technology > Verify all the drives for the RAID are present and then select "Create RAID volume". Under Name, you can leave it at default, or enter whatever you want to re-name the array to.

Click on the drop-down for the RAID Level, and select your desired array type. If you are unsure of what array type you want/need, please check the FAQ for RAID level basics https://www.evga.com/support/faq/?f=58543.

Next, select the drives used for the array. For each drive you want in your array, click the drop-down box and select the X. If the box is left blank, it will not be used in the array. 

At this point, verify the settings are correct. Generally, you do not need to adjust the Stripe Size, as the controller detects the optimal size from the drive(s) during setup, and the Capacity will default to the largest available size. It is recommended that you leave both at default. Select “Create Volume” at the bottom when you are satisfied with the settings.

The array will now be created. The creation process can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. Once done, you will have a small info line stating the name of the array, array type, volume and status, and your array is set up. You are now ready to install your operating system, or you can delete the array. The basic specs for the array are also in this section. Click the arrow next to “RAID VOLUME INFO” to go back to the previous menu and exit the UEFI RAID segment.

Depending on your choice of operating system, you may need to install RAID drivers during OS installation for the array to be detected. If the array is not available, use another computer to save the RAID drivers to a USB drive, then connect the USB drive to a USB 2.0 port on the computer you're installing Windows to. On the screen where it asks where to install Windows, chose "Load Driver" from the lower left corner, then install the drivers from the USB drive. You can now chose the array you created to install Windows to.


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