GTX 970 and SLI functionality.

Last Update: 2019/12/26 15:50

There are three versions of the GTX 970:

  1. A blower-style cooler with a short circuit board, 
  2. An ACX cooler with a full size circuit board,
  3. An updated version of the GTX 970, SSC, and FTW models. 

The three styles of GTX 970s will not function in SLI together. See the chart below to see which cards will function together in SLI. Cards in the same group will function in SLI together. A card from one group will not work in SLI with a card from a different section.

Blower Style 04G-P4-1970-KR 04G-P4-1972-KR 04G-P4-1976-KR      
ACX Style 04G-P4-0972-KR 04G-P4-0974-KR 04G-P4-2972-KR 04G-P4-2973-KR 04G-P4-2974-KR 04G-P4-2975-KR
04G-P4-3979-KB 04G-P4-2976-KR 04G-P4-2977-KR 04G-P4-2978-KR 04G-P4-2979-KR  
GTX 970, FTW, and SSC 04G-P4-3974-KR 04G-P4-3973-KR 04G-P4-3975-KR 04G-P4-3978-KR 04G-P4-4975-KR 04G-P4-3979-KF

GTX 970 SLI 1970 1972 2972 2974 2975 2978 2977 0974 2973 2976 0972 3975 4975 3973 3978 3979 blower acx 59534