Do you have a list of EVGA graphics cards that will work with the EVGA Hadron Air Case and built in power supply?

Last Update: 2019/05/01

The EVGA Hadron Air Case has been tested and supports EVGA graphics cards with a standard height of 4.5in and a length up to 10.6in. The non-FTW line of Hybrid graphics cards will work in the system, but installing the radiator can present a challenge. 

The cards below is an overview of models that will NOT work with the Hadron Air case due to size restrictions.

Please note that only 2 slot cards will fit. 2.75 cards will NOT work. The included power supply has x2 6+2 PCIe connectors.

Classified 780 980 980 Ti 1080
Ultra, XC Ultra, FTW Ultra 1070Ti 2060 2070 2080 2080 Ti
FTW, FTW2, FTW3 1070 1070Ti 1080 1080Ti 2070 2080 2080 Ti
K|NGP|N 980 980Ti 1080Ti 2080Ti

GTX 1660ti 06G-P4-1263-KR 06G-P4-1261-KR
GTX 1660 06G-P4-1161-KR 06G-P4-1163-KR
GTX 1650 04G-P4-1151-KR 04G-P4-1153-KR 04G-P4-1155-KR 04G-P4-1157-KR

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