Do EVGA Power Supplies support UPS backup devices that support Line-Interactive AVR UPS which uses a simulated/artificial sine wave?

Last Update: 10/7/2021 11:30 AM


Yes, all EVGA power supplies support Active PFC and UPS backup devices.

In regards to this concern, the high voltage coming from a UPS backup device may damage the PSU.

1. EVGA power supplies that support active PFC, and the IC can sense the voltage of main capacitor.

        -If the voltage is too high(over 380V), the PFC will be protected.

2. The main capacitor can stand higher voltage around 420V(more than the voltage comes from UPS)

the main source of potential harm from Active-PFC and UPS devices comes from the rush of power that spikes when the UPC flips from the wall outlet to the backup.  If the UPS device has a large fluctuation outside of what the PSU's Active-PFC can handle, then you might see some damage.  However, all of EVGA's Active-PFC power supplies are well-within the margins to tolerate these kinds of voltage fluctuations.  It is generally recommend that you purchase a good quality brand and unit, however, to make sure those sorts of issues have a low probability of occurring.

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