How can I flash my X79 / Z77 / P67 / Z75 BIOS in Windows?

Last Update: 2014/01/02

To Flash your BIOS in Windows it is recommended to do a few things first to ensure a successful flash:

- It is recommended to Reset the BIOS to defaults before flashing. Simply go into the BIOS and restore to defaults or clear the CMOS.

- If in Windows Vista or later - Disable UAC in Windows as this can sometimes conflict. (Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings, click and drag the slider down to "Never Notify" and click OK, then you MUST reboot for this take effect.). You can re-enable this later if you use this feature.

- If running a software firewall or Antivirus, it would be recommended to temporarily disable that or set to lowest possible use to avoid conflicts.

- Disable any background running processes, browsers, etc.


To Flash the BIOS manually:

First download the latest BIOS from our website ( )

Next create a folder in your C:\ drive called BIOS.

Extract all the files in the ZIP folder to C:\BIOS (Note: just copy the files themselves and the sub-folders.  Do not put the files in a folder in the BIOS folder.)

Under Start->All Programs->Accessories right click on the Command Prompt icon and select "Run as administrator".

Type CD\ (Enter)

Type CD BIOS (Enter)

Type fptwin(32/64).bat (Enter)   (If 32-bit OS - fptwin32.bat , 64-bit OS - fptwin64.bat)
Note: For X79 Dark after BIOS version 2.02 or higher - requires the user to execute Windows_Update.bat instead of fptwin64.bat

The utility should now flash the BIOS. Press Y to flash. Once the process completes you can reboot the system and you should have the BIOS flashed.

If your board has multiple BIOS', You can follow the same steps to flash the other BIOS' on the board if you desire.


X79 Z77 Z75 Z68 P67 flash BIOS 59335 Command Prompt bat fptwin update administrator