How do I setup SATA 3 RAID (Marvell) on the SR2 motherboard?

Last Update: 2014/06/11

First off, even if settings are set correctly and you have yet to plug in a drive, the controller will NOT show any initialization during bootup.  (Unlike JMicron and others which will give a no drives detected error).  For SATA3 you need to have drives plugged into the red ports.

From here, boot up and go into BIOS - Advanced BIOS Features.  Make sure Sata 3 Storage Controller is set to Enable.  Then Press F10 to save and Exit.

After the initial POST screen, you will get a second POST like screen with the raid controller information.  Press Control M to enter the Marvell controller.

Arrow over "HBA 0: Marvell 0" and Press Enter, and press enter on the Configuration

Go over the different drives and press the Space Bar to select the drives.  They will be marked with an astrisk to show they are selected.

Once the drives are selected, you need to select your RAID level, with 0 for Striping (combining the drives for improved speed, no fault tollerance) or RAID 1 for Mirroring (exact duplicate of all data written to both drives simultaneously).  Also, please leave Stripe Size (AKA File Block size) and Gigabyte Rounding


Select Next when done configuring and that builds the array, then you can install Windows from there.  You will need to install drivers for the Marvell controller during the windows setup, as the controllers drivers are NOT embedded in Windows.