How do you setup RAID on the X58 Jmicron (Red Ports) Controller?

Last Update: 2011/03/10

RAID Setup (JMicron RAID Controller)


To use the JMicron RAID controller the hard drives must be connected to SATA ports 8 or 9 (red ports)


Step 1 – BIOS Setup


            -hit DEL to enter setup when prompted

            -select Integrated Peripherals

            -make sure JMB363 PATA/SATA Controller is set to [Auto] or [Enabled]

            -set JMB363 Mode to [RAID Mode]

            -hit F10 to save and exit



Step 2 – JMicron RAID Setup


            -hit CTRL – J to enter JMicron RAID Setup

            -select Create RAID disk drive

            -enter in the following information (press ENTER to switch between selections)

                        -Name: (name of RAID array, whatever user desires)

                        -Level: (0, 1, or JBOD)

                        -Block (stripe size, 128KB or 64KB is optimal)

                        -Size (storage capacity of the RAID array)

            -select confirm creation

            -hit Y to signify you understand that YOUR DATA WILL BE LOST

            -Save and Exit the JMicron RAID Setup


Install windows. You will need Jmicron drivers to install windows as the drive will not be auto detected in the windows setup. You can obtain the latest drivers for this here on the FAQ