After updating/resetting BIOS I cannot boot to my RAID array.

Last Update: 2010/08/01

If you have just reset your BIOS, or done a flash.  You will need to go into BIOS and re-enable it BEFORE trying to start windows.  With RAID 0, 5, or 0+1 it wont boot at all,


If it is RAID 1 it will liklely break the array booting into Windows without resetting it, as logging into Windows writes a small amount to the drive, and then they would no longer be synchronized.  Meaning your best bet is to reload the operating system.



For Intel chipset boards:

At first boot, goto BIOS - Integratred peripherals - PATA/SATA Device and set Sata mode to RAID.  Then press F10 to save and exit.

For NVidia chipset motherboards:

Goto BIOS - Integrated Peripherals - RAID Setup and enable RAID in the top option, then enable it for the ports that you have your RAID drives plugged into.  Then Press F10 to save and exit.