I received my RMA Replacement without any of the accessories, SLI bridge, and chipset fan.

Last Update: 2010/05/23

The RMA return procedure is written as to instruct you to not include any extras besides the motherboard itself. Some of our motherboards feature a removable fan that needs to be removed before shipping.

These boards include:

eVGA 680i SLI / SE (not LT)
eVGA 780i / FTW
eVGA 790i Ultra (not FTW/ FTW PWM/Digital)

We cannot guarantee the return of every item ship­ped in. We also cannot guarantee the return of any items left on the board (including, but not limited to, CPU back plates).

If you sent any of these items in with your defective unit you may contact us by following the link below for assistance. Please make sure the replacment product is fully registered before contacting EVGA support.



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