Where can I locate the serial number and part number of my EVGA product?

Last Update: 2017/10/17

Current Sticker Examples:

Graphics Cards/Motherboards:

Current Serial Sticker

Power Supplies:

Current Serial Sticker

Torq Mice/Accessories:

Current Serial Sticker

There should be a big black and white sticker like these on EVGA products.  This same sticker can be found on the outside panel of the retail box the product came in.  If both stickers do not match up, please replace the card with the retailer as soon as possible.


The current motherboard sticker looks the same as the graphics card sticker. For older motherboards this is a white sticker with black lettering.

For motherboards, the sticker can be in several areas depending on which motherboard you have.  Below are some examples on the placement of this sticker. The sticker is sometimes found on the underside of the motherboard as well:


Old Motherboard Sticker:


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