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EVGA 90 Day Step-Up Program

EVGA Approved Participating System Builder FAQ

How does the Step-Up® program relate to system builders?

System builders can now build and sell their systems with EVGA video cards in them, while allowing the end user to protect their investment and Step-Up® (upgrade).

How does the Step-Up® program work?

Anytime within the first 90 days after a system is purchased with an EVGA card, your customers can Step-Up® their video card from our website at of greater value.

How do I become an approved participating system builder?

  • You must use EVGA cards in your systems.
  • Fill out all required information on the vendor registration page. (Company name, address, phone number, etc).
  • EVGA will review your application and upon approval will send you an e-mail packet containing a logo, usage guidelines and other information regarding your acceptance.

Do I have to register with EVGA?

  • Yes
  • When you register with EVGA, you MUST provide all the information requested. All required fields must be completed accurately with information that will allow EVGA to contact you by email, telephone and land mail. You may not register multiple times.

Will it cost me anything to be listed as a system vendor for EVGA

  • No. However, EVGA requires that you advertise and promote the Step-Up® program.
  • By purchasing and using EVGA's cards in your systems, the cost is free to the vendor.
  • Online Stores
    • Add an EVGA Step-Up® logo to your front page of your website.
  • Retail Stores
    • Have a Step-Up® poster or some type of literature near EVGA products and systems using EVGA cards.
    • Place Step-Up®/registration information at POS locations.

Will any EVGA card we decide to use in our systems be honored by the Step-Up® program?

  • Yes
  • All cards used in your systems can be stepped-up granted that it is an evga card, the system was bought after Feb 1st, 2004 and within 90 days of the purchase date.

Can I participate in the Step-Up® program and upgrade my customers from my internal stock?

No, in order to control our program all Step-Up®'s must be done through EVGA

When a customer wants to Step-Up®, am I going to lose money on the returned product?

No, there are no returns in the Step-Up®. Vendors keep their original profit, and their customers deal directly with EVGA.

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