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EVGA 90 Day Step-Up Program

EVGA Step-Up® Program: Approved Participating System Builder List

Use of the Step-Up® Program with cards purchased as part of a complete computer system is currently limited to those systems purchased from an Approved Participating System Builder. If your system was not purchased from one of these Approved Participating System Builders, then your video card is not eligible for the Step-Up® Program.

AVADirect Compudyne, Inc.
CyberPower, Inc. Digital Storm
EBC COMPUTERS Falcon Northwest LionHeadTechnologies
Maingear Nor-Tech
Seneca Sidewinder Computers
StealthMachines Velocity Micro
Xtreme Gear

You may apply to become an Approved Participating System Builder by applying online. Please make sure you read our Approved Participating System Builder Terms & Conditions as well as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information

*Apply to become an Approved Participating System Builder*

Note: In order to be eligible for the Step-Up® Program, your video card must meet ALL of the requirements shown in the Terms and Conditions of use.

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