EVGA DG-87 Full Tower, K-Boost, Hardware Fan Controller, w/Window, Gaming Case 100-E1-1236-RX

EVGA 100-E1-1236-RX  DG-87 Full Tower, K-Boost, Hardware Fan Controller, w/Window, Gaming Case 100-E1-1236-RX

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Introducing the EVGA DG-8 line of full-tower cases. These cases are built for the enthusiast with an optimized airflow path that gives you dedicated cooling fans for your graphics cards, a K-Boost button that automatically boosts fanspeed and CPU/GPU, a built in fan controller and much more. These new line of cases are the ultimate platform for any gaming or graphics enthusiast. With these features and more, it is easy to see how DG means Designed for Gaming!

3 Year Warranty

Award winning EVGA Support backed by a full 3 Year Warranty!

Optimized Airflow Path

Dedicated cooling path for graphics cards, giving ultimate cooling performance and increased clockspeeds.

Robust Water Cooling Support

Full support for up to 360mm radiator give you ultimate cooling performance.

Cable Management

Dedicated cable management cutout points lets you keep your system layout clean, improving appearance and airflow.

Built in Fan Controller + Temperature Sensor

Built in fan controller lets you select your cooling performance, and monitor the case internal temperature.

K-Boost Button

Control your performance with EVGA K-Boost! One button boosts GPU and CPU clocks instantly, giving you ultimate control.

Removable Fan Filters

Easy to remove fan filters keeps your system dust free.

Front and Top Facing Power, Reset Buttons and USB 2.0. Front Facing USB 3.1 Type-C, and HDMI

Easily power on your system whether it is on the floor or desk, make your PC VR-Ready with front facing HDMI and USB.

Easy Removable Door

Flip a switch to remove the entire door, making assembly as easy as can be.

Supports up to 12 SSD/HDD

Dedicated mounting locations on back of motherboard and drive bay keep cables out of the way.

GPU Airflow Channel

Adjustable channel to maximize cooling efficiency depending on your GPU setup.

Optional Segmented PSU Tray Hides Cables

Slidable tray keeps your system clean and hides Power Supply cables.

Flexible Fan Support

Supports 140mm or 120mm fans.

Easy Access to I/O ports and Clean Cable Output

Cables exit on the back of the case, keeping cable management clean, and I/O ports are easily accessed by left door hinge.

Completely Removable PCI Brackets

Remove brackets to increase airflow or easily pass water cooling tubes.

Awards of the EVGA DG-87 Full Tower, K-Boost, Hardware Fan Controller, w/Window, Gaming Case 100-E1-1236-RX (100-E1-1236-RX)

Hardware Asylum


In terms of aesthetics I really liked the removable black plastic panel inside the case. It not only hides whatever watercooling gear you have installed (or the lack there of) but is also edge lit with a white LED strip to highlight the EVGA logo.


...the DG-8-series could easily become a popular choice among enthusiast users wanting to stand out from the crowd.
Newegg Unlocked


Given the sheer size and the wealth of options provided by this enormous case, one would think it would be more expensive than others in its class.


EVGA has officially changed the way we look at cases, and how we place them around us. The DG-87 gets a lot of things right, and offers some unique features that a lot of other cases lack in the price range. From it’s nice swing open panels, to a built in fan controller, the EVGA case feels like a great quality product given its price.


Overall this is an amazing case, I give it my 100% endorsement as being a fantastic choice.


EVGA brings forth a monstrous chassis which many will love! It is feature rich, well thought out, includes everything you could ever need, and is built like a tank.

Compatibility of the EVGA DG-87 Full Tower, K-Boost, Hardware Fan Controller, w/Window, Gaming Case 100-E1-1236-RX (100-E1-1236-RX)

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