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EVGA Associates Program FAQ

Q. What is the EVGA Associates Program?

A. The EVGA Associates Program allows EVGA ELITE members to give another person a discount on certain products, and, in turn, each purchase made with their Associate Code will earn EVGA Bucks for the Associates, which can be used on future orders from EVGA.com.

Q. What are EVGA Bucks?

A. EVGA Bucks are essentially store credit that can be used on purchases at EVGA.com. EVGA Bucks can be added during checkout before completing your order. For more information about EVGA Bucks, click here: https://www.evga.com/evgabucks/

Q. What is the EVGA ELITE Program?

A. The EVGA ELITE Membership is an exclusive club for EVGA customers and EVGA Forums members. EVGA ELITE members will sometimes have exclusive opportunities to purchase products and bundles at special pricing, and receive other benefits – including free shipping. Many EVGA customers qualify simply by prior purchases, but EVGA Forum members can become eligible by posting in our Community Forums a requisite number of times. To learn more about the EVGA ELITE Program: https://www.evga.com/member/elite/

Q. Is it free to join?

A. Yes! The only requirement to join is to be an EVGA ELITE member, which also has a free method of membership. To learn more about the EVGA ELITE membership, please go here: https://www.evga.com/member/elite/

Q. What is an Associate Code?

A. An Associate Code is a series of letters and numbers that can be used to provide third-parties a discount when purchasing Qualifying Products at EVGA, and assign rewards for that purchase to you.

Q. Does my Associate Code contain any personal information?

A. The Associate Code does not contain any information accessible by a third-party. The ID only contains information that will be useful to apply discounts or rewards, and other information that will allow EVGA to assign the rewards to you if someone uses your ID.

Q. How do I use my Associate Code?

A. You may use your Associate Code by giving it to friends, family, acquaintances, your mailperson, or random strangers. You can add it to your EVGA Forums profile, post it on Social Media, your website, or wherever (provided that your use is legal). If someone uses your Associate Code, they will receive a discount on qualifying EVGA products from EVGA.com.

Q. What do people using my Associate Code get by using it?

A. Buyers will receive a discount on any Qualifying Products by using an Associate Code during checkout. You can check the current Discount Percentages anytime on the EVGA Associates Program portal on the Home tab.

Q. What do I get if someone uses my Associate Code?

A. EVGA Bucks! When someone uses your Associate Code to purchase products at EVGA.com, you will earn a percentage of the subtotal of all Qualifying Products back as EVGA Bucks. After 30 days, so long as the Buyer doesn’t cancel the order or send the order back for a refund, the EVGA Bucks will be added to your account. You can check the current Rewards Percentages anytime on the EVGA Associates Program portal on either the Home or Dashboard tabs.

Q. How can a Buyer use my Associate Code to make a purchase?

A. There are two ways. First, if the Buyer has your Associate Code, they can select Qualifying Products at EVGA.com and go to checkout. During checkout, there will be a box where they can place the Associate Code and apply the discount before completing the order. Second, Buyers will arrive at EVGA.com by clicking an Associates Member’s clickable banner. Once there, they can select Qualifying Products at EVGA.com and go to checkout. The clickable banner adds a cookie that will be read on this page and automatically add the Associate Code and discount to the order.

Q. As an Associate, can I use my own Associate Code or another Associate Code to receive a discount on a purchase?

A. No. Associates may not receive discounts through the use of an Associate Code.

Q. Where can I find a ready-made clickable banner with my Associate Code?

A. Clickable banners featuring your unique Associate Code are available on the Membership page. For the best effect, make sure which coding format is required for where you plan to post it.

Q. Can I post my Associate Code on Social Media?

A. Of course you can! However, please follow all rules related to your social media platform of choice when doing so. Some platforms require certain types of disclosures if you will benefit from your post.

Q. Does a Buyer using my Associate Code need to do anything so that I receive EVGA Bucks?

A. No. Once a Buyer makes a purchase using your Associate Code, it will show up on your activity page as a transaction. Due to privacy reasons, only minimal details about the transaction will be available.

Q. Do I get EVGA Bucks immediately after someone makes a purchase?

A. No. After a purchase is made with your Associate Code, you will see the transaction show up in your Activity Page. The transaction information includes your “Pending Bucks” and the date when the EVGA Bucks will be added to your account.

Q. Are Pending Bucks Guaranteed to be added to my account?

A. No. To prevent fraud and/or abuse, there is a 30-day waiting period from the time of purchase to the time that the EVGA Bucks are added to your account. However, if the Buyer cancels the order or returns the order (or part of the order) for a refund, then the related transaction will be adjusted or removed.

Q. Do other Associates Members have the same Rewards Percentages as I do?

A. Yes. All Associates Members have the same Rewards Percentages depending on each Qualifying Product category.

Q. Do other Associates Members offer the same Discount Percentages as I do?

A. Yes. All Associates Members offer the same Discount Percentages depending on each Qualifying Product category.

Q. Can the Associates Rewards/Buyer Discount Percentages change?

A. Yes! One of the perks of the Associates Program is that EVGA can change the Rewards/Discounts Percentages at any time to offer better discounts to Buyers or better rewards for Associates Members!

Q. Does the information shown on the Activity page include all purchased items or just the items that I receive credit for?

A. The information shown on the Activity page only shows the items that you receive credit for.

Q. A number of transactions appeared on my Activity List recently. Does this mean my Associate Code has been used by many people?

A. Each transaction that appears on your Activity List is a different Qualifying Product. If a person purchased multiples of the same Qualifying Product, only one transaction will be listed; however, if multiple Qualifying Products were purchased in the same order, each of those Qualifying Products would have their own entry in the Activity List. As a result, you may not be able to tell the difference between a single order with multiple products or multiple people using your Associate Code.

Q. I saw a new item on my Activity List, but it disappeared. What happened to it?

A. If an item disappears from your Activity List, it means that the Buyer has canceled the order or returned the order for a refund before the 30 day period expires. Unfortunately, you will not receive EVGA Bucks for this purchase.

Q. I have a question about one of the items added to my Activity page. How can I find out more information about the person who made the purchase or order information about the purchased items?

A. If you believe that there is an error or bug on the website, please send an email to webmaster@evga.com. However, for privacy reasons, EVGA cannot answer any questions about another person’s purchase, including if the purchase was canceled or returned for a refund.

Q. Can EVGA Bucks be exchanged for cash?

A. No, EVGA Bucks may not be exchanged for cash. Please see the EVGA Bucks promotion page for further information: https://www.evga.com/evgabucks/

Q. Is there a limit to how many times my Associate Code can be used?

A. There is currently no limit to the number of times your Associate Code may be used.

Q. Is there a limit to how many EVGA Bucks I can earn through the Associates Program?

A. There is currently no limit to the number of EVGA Bucks you may earn through the Associates Program.

Q. How can I cancel my Associates Program Membership?

A. If you wish to cancel your Associates Membership, click on the Membership tab in the Associates Program portal, and you will see an option to cancel your Membership. After confirming that you wish to cancel your Membership, you will receive an email confirming that your Membership has been canceled.

Q. What happens if I cancel my Associates Program Membership?

A. Once you leave the Associates Program, your Associate Code will become inactive and you will no longer be eligible to receive EVGA Bucks from third-party purchases. Additionally, any Pending Bucks will be immediately forfeit.

Q. What is an EVGA Associates Coupon Flash Sale?

A. An EVGA Associates Coupon Flash Sale is a limited-time offer for a product or products made to non-Associates that can be obtained only by using an EVGA Associate Code during checkout. These Flash Sales are a great opportunity for EVGA Associates to refer family, friends, co-workers and others to get a great deal, while Associates earn some EVGA Bucks as a reward for their efforts. Flash Sale quantities are always limited and sell out quickly, so make sure you deliver the good news as soon as possible. Keep an eye on your inbox and EVGA Social Media, because you never know when a new deal will show up next!

A. Yes! Simply add your Associate Code to the end of the product link, like this: "&associatecode=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", where "X" is your Associate Code. If you want to link the EVGA 1300 G2 power supply with your code, it would look like this: "https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=120-G2-1300-XR&associatecode=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", and you would replace the "X" with your Associate Code, which you can find on your Membership page.

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