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GeForce your PC for the Ultimate Performance Upgrade

The EVGA GT 430 has arrived. Tap into the horsepower of the GPU for a visually-charged boost on your favorite applications. Edit your photos & HD videos and push the limits of your Web experience with a new generation of GPU-accelerated browsers like Internet Explorer 9. Boost your gaming performance with the next generation gaming architecture built from the ground up for DirectX 11 and take 3D home with the latest Blu-ray 3D movies.

The EVGA GT 430 supports NVIDIA PhysX for a new class of physical gaming interaction, and CUDA technology which allows you to unlock the power of the GPU to accelerate the most demanding tasks.

GT 430 Features
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Accelerate your Digital Life

Get the lag out of your digital life. Stream HD movies faster. Render high-res photos instantly and supercharge your favorite applications.

DirectX 11 Done Right

Want game changing graphics? Play the games you want to play, the way they’re meant to be played with incredibly detailed characters, terrain, and game environments.

Bring Home the 3D Theater

Break through the boundaries of your screen and bring home theater-quality 3D movies. Lose yourself in eye popping Blu-ray 3D movies, photos and web browsing.

See DX11 in action

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