Sector E Cyberpower PC Comic

Sector E and Cyberpower PC Crossover Comic!

Issue #3 of the Sector E comic is here! One witty winner will have the chance to write our latest comic featuring Agent Tiny and Jacob as they go about their adventures here at EVGA. Click each page to view the full size. The winning comic will be themed around how much easier it is to let Cyberpower PC build the PC of your dreams, but also creates a funny and cohesive story with the comic panels given.

Be sure to check out the videos featuring Jacob and Agent Tiny, or Issue #1 and Issue #2 for inspiration!

Comic (Click to expand):

  1. You've reached Just In Time I.T. Department! How can I help you just in time?
  2. Bad news everyone! The super computer for my new Intergalactic Death Ray broke and I need a new one!
  3. I think 2 more sticks of dynamite should do it! What do you think?
  4. What is that? A new super computer for the Professor already? How did you get it so fast?!?!
  5. I just called Cyberpower! They do the work and give you all the great EVGA parts you want!!!!

Winner: letsgetsteve

Cyberpower PC Complete System

Congratulations! Winner has been contacted by EVGA directly.

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