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GPU Volt Tuner FAQ:

NOTE: It is possible to damage your hardware while adjusting your GPU Voltages - use at your own risk.

  • Does EVGA GVT apply the voltage to 2D or 3D mode?
    • The EVGA GVT only applies the voltage set to 3D mode.
  • Does the GVT support SLI?
    • Yes, it will control EVGA cards in any SLI configuration.
  • The web page does not allow me to download even though I have registered a product on the list.
    • Double check your "My Products" page to see if the part is correctly registered. If you have any questions, contact customer service.
  • When will more cards be supported?
    • EVGA is working to support as many cards as possible, there is no ETA when/if new cards will be supported.
  • What is a safe voltage to apply to my card?
    • It is highly recommended to take one step at a time and thoroughly test each step with 3D applications.
  • What video drivers do I need to use?
    • You will need to use 181.22 drivers or later.
  • I increased my voltage too high or too low and now my system will not boot.
    • If you applied unsafe voltages at Windows startup, you will need to boot into safe mode (Press F8 during bootup) and completely uninstall the graphics driver from Add/Remove programs. After this has been done reboot your PC and reinstall the graphics drivers.
  • Why can I not increase my voltage into the red area?
    • The red area may be unlocked in a future version of the utility.
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