EVGA Folding Team ranks top 100!
EVGA Folding Team ranks top 100!

Thanks to the great support from the EVGA community the EVGA folding team is now ranked in the top 100 teams. To thank all of those that have contributed to this wonderful cause we have some rewards for your efforts.

Congratulations to all those that won, and everyone, keep folding! We will have more prizes to give at the 50, 10 and #1 ranked positions.

Below is a list of EVGA Folding Team winners. If your name is listed as a winner you have 14 days to claim your prize by sending an email to webmaster@evga.com from your registered email account including all of your contact and shipping information.

Winners were randomly selected from any member who has contributed to the EVGA folding team.

(Click here to see our team page on the stanford.edu website)

Prize Winners
1 Mordekainen EVGA 780i FTW
2 dazednconfused EVGA 780i FTW
3 Jkloosterman EVGA 9800 GTX+
4 Ragedestiny EVGA 750i FTW
5 jim1sdca EVGA 750i FTW
6 Higgamo EVGA 750i FTW
7 Arestavo EVGA 9800GT
8 ZEROCOOL101 Antec "Nine Hundred" Case
9 clamatowas Antec "Fusion Black" Case
10 etjusticepourtous N52TE Belkin Gamepad
11 Marcam923 EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
12 pentace EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
13 cdelgigante EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
14 Roger_Payne EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
15 Donta1979 EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
16 DomainMaster EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
17 Zelphor EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
18 nordicjedi EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
19 Berkut37 EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
20 crazyquark EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
21 Lord_Chaos EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
22 Andelin EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
23 killertrust EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
24 schumi EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)
25 Administrator EVGA Mod Rigs Shirt (Blue)

*In order to claim your prize, you must contact webmaster@evga.com within 14 business days
from your registered email account including all of your contact and shipping information.

Folding@home is a distributed computing program designed to understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases. By contributing to the folding@home project we are helping Stanford University with important research related to Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, Huntington's, Parkinson's disease, and many Cancers and cancer-related syndromes. For more information about the EVGA folding team please visit http://www.evga.com/forums/tt.asp?forumid=57.

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