Victory Royale

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The EVGA GeForce® GTX & GeForce RTX™ allow for the highest possible performance in Battle Royale titles. Nu-Audio provides incredible, immersive in-game sound. Efficient NVENC lets you record it all.

To achieve a ‘victory royale’ you want every bit of help you can get. Getting your favorite weapon, tier 3 armor and an advantageous position are key, but how does hardware factor into your victory or defeat in Battle Royale?

High FPS Leads To Better Results

For many years, esports pros have tuned their hardware for ultra-high frame rates -- 144 or even 240 FPS -- and they pair their hardware with high refresh rate monitors. In fact, ProSettings.net and BattleRoyaleSettings.com report that 99% of Battle Royale Pros (Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends) are using 144 Hz monitors or above, and 30% are using 240 Hz monitors. This is because when you run a game, an intricate process occurs in your PC from the time you press the keyboard or move the mouse, to the time you see an updated frame on the screen. They refer to this time period as ‘latency’, and the lower your latency the better your response times will be.

In modern games, “Game Engine”, “Direct X Render” and “GPU” all have the same latency. The faster your GPU, the less time these three processes take, and the faster you will see updated images on your monitor to react to. Hence, your GPU is the most important element to lower latency. Below, you can see how the end-to-end latency of a system changes depending on the GPU.

144 Is The New 60

To get perspective, we wanted to see how the Kill/Death ratio and GPUs related to monitor refresh rates. While more powerful GPUs and higher frame rates can help smoothness and reaction time on their own, the full benefit of higher frame rates gets unlocked when the refresh rate of the monitor is able to keep pace with the GPU.

We compared the difference in Kill/Death ratio for the median player using our GeForce GTX 10-Series and GeForce RTX 20-Series GPUs with 60 Hz, 144 Hz and 240 Hz monitors, respectively. Since we were interested in understanding the effect of high frame rates, we limited this sample to players using a resolution of 1080p, as higher resolutions can impact FPS.

The data showed that gamers that take full advantage of their graphics card by using a high refresh monitor (144 Hz or above) have significantly higher Kill/Death ratios. And as we’ve seen before, that performance increases significantly as you work your way up to the GeForce RTX-20 Series GPUs.

The latency of a system with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card is halved compared to a GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and nearly 6 times less than a system without a GeForce GPU. So one surefire way to lower latency is to get higher frame rates, by upgrading your GPU or other components that may be capping your FPS.

NVENC To Stream It All

The best of both worlds. NVIDIA GPUs contain a hardware-based encoder (referred to as NVENC) which provides fully-accelerated hardware-based video encoding and is independent of graphics performance. With complete encoding (which is computationally complex) offloaded to NVENC, the graphics engine and the CPU are free for other operations. EVGA GeForce® GTX & GeForce RTX™ unlock the ability to game and stream simultaneously with superior quality. GeForce® graphics cards are optimized for your favorite streaming apps, like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), to provide maximum performance for your live stream. Get amazing performance and image quality while livestreaming to Twitch or YouTube.

GeForce® GTX 16 and GeForce RTX™ series dedicated hardware encoders deliver 15% improved efficiency over prior-generation graphics cards.

NU AUDIO For The Best Gaming Experience

EVGA extends its enthusiast tradition by partnering with Audio Note (UK), Ltd. to provide the most immersive audio and lifelike gaming experienced on a PC with EVGA NU Audio Card.

Engineered by Audio Note means improved enemy detection due to lower measured and perceived noise floor; precise enemy location due to improved transient and phase response; and, vital for staying alive, reduced fatigue and increased sense of involvement so awareness remains high even after long, intense missions. With a built-in microphone port, play with confidence knowing that you will be heard clearly-in game.

Coming soon, new features like 3D Audio and a special sound mode to help you hear your enemies sooner, will help to give you a tactical edge when you select EVGA NU Audio!

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