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$75 In-Game

when you buy a GTX 650, 650 Ti, or 650 Ti BOOST
World of Tanks 2050 Gold
1 Month Premium
Invite: 1500 Gold
Planetside®2 2500 Station Cash
Hawken 3600 Meteor Credit


With more than 250 million gamers and over 14 billion hours of gameplay, free-to-play has become the new way to game.

These games now offer experiences that are more advanced than ever before. In fact, shooters like Hawken, World of Tanks, and PlanetSide® 2 are among the most graphics-intensive, immersive, and technologically advanced games available with exclusive NVIDIA® PhysX® and 3D Vision™ technologies.

Gear up with GeForce GTX to experience free-to-play games at their best—amazing graphics performance and $75 in-game to level up immediately.

If you have purchased your card from www.EVGA.com, please click here to collect your code.


Participating Partners

  • Amazon
  • EVGA
  • Tiger Direct

Purchases from participating partners for applicable parts on or after 2/11/13 only apply while supplies last.

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$75 In-Game credit when you buy a GTX 650, 650 Ti, or 650 Ti BOOST


650 Ti BOOST

Eligible Part Numbers View GTX 650 Ti BOOST Article

  • 01G-P4-3655-KR
  • 01G-P4-3656-KR
  • 02G-P4-3657-KR
  • 02G-P4-3658-KR


650 Ti

Eligible Part Numbers View GTX 650 Ti Article

  • 01G-P4-3650-K1
  • 02G-P4-3651-K1
  • 01G-P4-3652-K1
  • 02G-P4-3653-KR



Eligible Part Numbers View GTX 650 Article

  • 01G-P4-2650-KR
  • 02G-P4-2651-KR
  • 01G-P4-2652-KR
  • 02G-P4-2653-KR

Collect Your Code

  • I purchased from www.EVGA.com
  • All purchases of applicable parts from the list above from www.EVGA.com on or after 2/11/13 are eligible while supplies last.

    • Purchase any graphics card from the list above on or after 2/11/13 from www.EVGA.com
    • Register your card(s)
    • Request your code from the form below
    • Go to http://www.geforce.com/FREE2PLAYBUNDLE
    • Enter your code to get a redemption code for your game card

    If the Free 2 Play Bundle is not showing, then you did not purchase your product from EVGA's US web store. Remember, products received through the EVGA Step-Up® program may not be combined with any other promotion or offer.

    If you believe this is an error, please email us for assistance.

  • I purchased from another participating partner
  • Please contact your place of purchase for any questions regarding the Free 2 Play Bundle promotion.

Valid only for purchases on or after February 11th, 2013


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